Hello and welcome to my little print store. I love designing bright and bold posters inspired by my favourite video games and nerdy things. 


My name is Christine a.k.a WildeThang. By day I’m a freelance graphic designer and by night I’m a guardian, post-apocalyptic vault dweller, race car driver, old west cowgirl.

I’ve been working in the design industry for over 10 years now and I’ve worked on many different projects. Over the past year or 2 I’ve been working hard on my own style of design and creating posters for others to enjoy my artwork as much as I do when creating it. The greatest feeling, as an artist, is knowing someone out there loves your artwork enough to spend their hard earned cash on a poster of your artwork and hang it in their own home.

I also design travel posters of local and worldwide landmarks on my Vault 84 store.