D2 Ghost Shell Stickers


Destiny 2 ghost shell stickers inspired by Destiny 2 the game. Designed and created by WildeThang. Printed on high-quality glossy vinyl sticker paper.



Destiny 2 ghost shell stickers. 3-inch die-cut vinyl stickers of your favourite ghost shells seen in Destiny 2 the game.

This listing is for one sticker. You can add more to your basket and you can select the design of sticker from the drop-down menu.

The ghost shell stickers that I currently have available are listed below:

  • Alchemical Dawn Ghost Shell
  • Armory Forged Ghost Shell
  • Cayde’s Ghost Shell
  • Hunter Ghost Shell
  • Kill-Tracker Ghost Shell
  • Knights Peace Ghost Shell
  • Nine Lives Ghost Shell
  • Sagira Ghost Shell
  • Titan Ghost Shell
  • Tyrant Ghost Shell
  • Warlock Ghost Shell
  • Wishmaker Ghost Shell

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Destiny Ghost Shell Vinyl Stickers

All stickers are made to order. Printed on high-quality gloss sticker vinyl. These stickers are not suitable for outdoor use as they are not weatherproof.

All orders are shipped in reinforced envelopes or sturdy postal tubes.

Additional information

Sticker Style

Alchemical Dawn, Armory Forged, Cayde, Chiproteran, Honorable Duelist, Hunter, Jubilant, Kill-Tracker, Knights Peace, Nine Lives, Sagira, Titan, Tyrant, Warlock, Wish Maker


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