Luna’s Howl Sticker


Destiny Luna’s Howl hand cannon 3 inch die-cut glossy vinyl weapon sticker designed by WildeThang. Printed on glossy vinyl sticker sheets. Shipped worldwide.



Destiny Luna’s Howl hand cannon 3 inch die-cut vinyl weapon sticker of your favourite Destiny 2 gun.

“Guardians never die. But we don’t forget those who do.”

You can pick a right aiming, left aiming or a pack of both aiming directions. I want to bring you the most customisation with your order I can.

These stickers are my own interpretation of the Luna’s Howl hand cannon Destiny 2 weapon.

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Each weapon sticker is printed to order on high quality glossy vinyl sticker paper.
These stickers are meant for indoor use only. They are not weatherproof.

All orders are shipped in reinforced envelopes or sturdy postal tubes.

Additional information

Aiming Left or Right?

Aiming Left, Aiming Right, Both


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